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Leading By Example. Ready To Serve.

Our Staff

Rev. Dr. Brenda K. Loyal copy.jpg

Since May 2019, Rev. Dr. Brend K. Loyal has led our church as the Lead Pastor, setting the example for us to follow. After pastoring churches across the U.S., inlclduing Missouri and Indiana, she brings her unique perspective and experience to First Presbyterian Church of Apopka. Her passion for organization, management, and leadership drives our mission forward enabling our path to cross yours. Together with her husband, Michael Loyal, three children, and two grandchildren, Dr. Loyal always looks forward to embracing every opportunity to share the goodness of God and the strength of our foundations.

Our Staff

Kathy Vaive.jpg
Brenda Mizell.jpg
Kathy Vaive

Elder & Trustee

Brenda Mizell

Coordinator of Food Pantry, Clerk of Session & Elder

Lisa Scott.jpg
Lisa Scott

Administrative Assistant

Stacie Clemons.jpg
Sabrina Parsons


Clement Baburam copy.jpg
Clement Baburam


Stephen Nelson.jpg
Stephen Nelson

Music Director

Bobby Heard.jpg
Bobby Heard


Virginia Mapel.jpg
Virginia Mapel 

Treasurer & Elder

Arlen Mizell.jpg
Arlen Mizell


Stacie Clemens.jpg
Stacie Clemens


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