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Rich History. Deep Roots.

About Us

When you step through the doors of our home, you'll always know that our hearts and minds are clear; ready to serve God with our gifts. That's what we have always been about. Planted in 1873, First Presbyterian Church of Apopka was formed in the humble beginnings of a service store, reaching out to a community in need, and we have survived much.

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It's safe to say that our roots run deep here and we are proud of that. Our passion for God drives us to learn and adapt with the times. Our church thrives on the challenges of our new modern world and we work hard to provide the community with the tools to stay grounded in our beliefs. 


From the great freeze of 1895, to the church fire of 1951, and now during a pandemic FPCA has been blessed to be here for Apopka every step of the way. We rebuild not just buildings, but lives, and we're always here creating new ways to stay connected to you. So, visit us when you're in the area. If you have a need, submit a request. Stay a while, because we've been here waiting on you. That's why they call us, "the church in the heart of the city."

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