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Our Time, Our Talent, Our Treasures


Your giving, your faithfulness, it allows us to reach the Apopka community in many ways. The seeds you plant grow into the ministries you see. Your time, talents, and treasures embrace our values, pushing us toward the mark. 

Beyond our three pillars, we hope to embody the character of Christ by setting the example He set towards others. Our community has needs and we do our best to meet them. Through the years, we have worked tirelessly to create ministries that speaks to the needs of Apopka, and we are always look to create more. Church doesn't just happen on Sundays for us, it takes place everyday, and everywhere we go.


Feast Friday

We believe that we are blessed to be a blessing. In the heart of the city, every 1st Friday of the month, we are here to serve hot meals to those in need. 

We do our best to provide a feast and a smile with plenty to go around.

Hike to Bike

We want everyone to be able to make it to whatever life's appointments may bring. We understand the difficulties that our community faces in supporting their families and themselves. 

So, every 1st Friday of the month, we want to take you from hiking to biking as we provide bikes to those in need of transportation.


Our Community Partners

Of course we wouldn't be who we are without the community and the many partners we have enjoyed relationships with through the years. These are just some of the many people right here in Apopka that believe in our vision for outreach. 

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